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Feb 19, 2013 4:00am PST
in the economy. still to come, the hunt for the hot idea. why venture capitalists are ramping up the search for the next big thing. that's later. but first, why farmers are bracing for higher expenses in 2013. that's next with bill moller. some quiet but very important changes are taking place down on the farm these days. they're prompted by the sky-high land prices that we have seen for the past few years, but also by new technologies and greater efficiencies. these changes are outlined in a report from the federal reserve bank of chicago. david oppedahl is the business economist who compiled the data. why don't you first talk, david, in general terms about these changes and trends? > > agriculture is seeing a lot of activity in the last few years as some of the commodity prices have gone up a lot and you see corn and soybean growing in terms of the ability to grow, but then also as the prices have been higher, the yields are higher in general, but then this last year was a drought year, so that kind of set some momentum back. but overall, the land values have been rising, the efficiencies
Feb 20, 2013 4:00am PST
of the big laggard on, i think, the global economy. so if europe gets its act together, i think the s&ps go to the moon. > what would you buy right now then, just an s&p index? > > yeah, i would be looking at spiders or an s&p future, or call options on the s&p futures with the vix so low. > you are definitely a bull in this market. > > absolutely. > would you buy any stocks related to germany? > > you know, maybe. i think i would still like to stick to core u.s., because u.s. continues to lead the overall world. > mark, great to have you on the show. we will see you in a bit. > > thanks for having me. president obama turns up the heat on members of congress to avoid automatic cuts to federal funding that could start by the end of next week. the deadline was created to help settle the debt ceiling crisis in 2011. but as our cover story explains, so far, sequestration has become another term for a stalemate. standing among first-responders who'd face cutbacks statrting march first, president obama called sequestration "a meat cleaver approach." "these cuts are not smart, they are not fair, t
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am PST
of real threats to our security and our economy." the push for cyber security coincides with a report from computer security firm mandiant saying it exposed china's military directing cyber espionage of u.s. companies. the report said the chinese stole technology blueprints, proprietary manufacturing processes, partnership agreements, contact lists and more. "businesses need to be both aware of cyber security problems and to be proactive in adopting best practices to protect themselves and our economy." "their designs are taken. they may find them sold to chinese companies who eat into the market share of that company. overall, the u.s. economy can be hurt." the response from the white house: a series of executive orders to pursue, prosecute and punish the offenders, and a call for the private sector to share information - that last point a difficult one for companies trying to keep competitive advantage over one another. "they could be sued by business partners, employees and others if their proprietary information is shared under the guise of solving cyber security problems." some think
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am PST
. but think about it, 12 years later, 13 years later, the economy is producing so much more on gdp and dollar-wise, but the s&p is just finally getting to those levels of 2000. > moving over to the dow, what should investors be doing there? > > i think investors are really embracing the dow and these big blue-chip companies. it has been a great performer so far this year. the dividends that these big blue chips pay are still very attractive. and for the people moving into stocks, that big dividend kind of helps. > matt, i can't let you take off without a look at some names and some stocks that you would want to buy. what is on your list? > > stick to the eternal brands, and i think that is the story of the market. your stocks like 3m, united technologies, ibm, all those stocks are going to do well. but don't forget, of course, your utilities, and those fast-growing companies. one i like to talk about his fastenal. i talked about that a couple months ago. > thanks for your help. that is matt shapiro, president of mws capital. it's estimated that there are more than 8.5 million industrial and s
Feb 19, 2013 11:30pm PST
, they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment role. >> the whole thing i think is totally ridiculous. these people are supposed to be doing the voters business. and they're not. >> people need to be able to get their groceries, people need to be able to pay their mortgage, they need to pay their insurance, i think if they're working for people, they need to get it together in the next few days. >> reporter: no balogna, streaming chains in the food chain say democrats. reducing consumer confidence, causing people to wait. >> that waiting is what will lead to consequences later. >> reporter: republicans call that a modest decrease, a taste of the future. that this is pearing the fat. >>> lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the postal service following our exclusive report about a pricey conference. we found that they planned to send top executives to a postal forum in san francisco next month. now the u.s. house overnight economy is holding a hearing into wasteful spending. >>> we investigate banned lasers and how easy they
Feb 21, 2013 11:30pm PST
and looked i was like wow, that was a lot. >> reporter: a lot of concern about the over all economy remains after weak sales reported from sales and weakening consumer confidence. maureen naylor, ktvu. >>> a mansion in hillsboro is up for sale at a jaw dropping size that does not take any concern to the economy. but there's a condition of sale. the 16,000 square foot home sits on 40 acres of land it was built in 1914. the mansion boasts a swimming pool, grand ballroom, a library and 11 bedrooms. the price $100 million, but the owner does not want to move out until he dies. >>> tonight what health officials is saying about the case. >>> and the ktvu investigation, how easy >>> the fbi said today they have stopped searching a well that was singled out by wesley shermantine. investigators only found dirt and debris no human remains were found. any future searches are also unlikely. the wells were 200 yards from where investigators found four sets of human remains a year ago. herzog and shermantine are accused of murders in the 1990s. >>> the body of a missing canadian tourist was found wedged
Feb 15, 2013 11:30pm PST
. >>> leland yee is chair of the human services committee which oversees the economy that licenses day cares. he's now calling for an investigation and says there should be full disclosures. jack's parents say they just want to keep this from happening to another child. gasia mikaelian, ktvu news. >>> what a day we had today. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. it was 80 degrees in santa cruz, 75 degrees in parts of santa clara. tomorrow is going to be another nice day because this ridge of high pressure keeps everything going over the top. that changes though as we get toward the epd -- toward the end of the weekend. that's a trough of cooler air. things are changing around but not before your weekend is going to be perfect. saturday looks great. best day of the weekend is saturday the warmest. sunday is still nice but mid- 60s. temperatures outside are kind of mild right now compared to where they have been. mid-30s, upper 30s. i don't know about frost. i haven't had too many reports of frost in the last few mornings. just a really nice day. things really start to erode after saturday
Feb 18, 2013 11:30pm PST
year was. we're about probably 15 more units ahead than what we did last year so i can see the economy is coming back. >> reporter: consumer confidence wasn't an issue for this buyer he racked up 72 miles on this new truck on his test drive taking it home for approval. his chief economic indicator making his trade in -- >> especial lip -- especially when the wife says i can. >> reporter: these president's day sale promotions go back to bicycle shops that turned into car dealerships and then spread from there. deborah villalon ktvu news. >>> it is no true that burger king has been sold to mcdonalds. although someone hacked burger king's twitter feed saying that it had. more tweets followed we obscenities. another twitter posting suggested the group anonymous might be to blame. >>> some sprint customers in san francisco may already be enjoying a prelaunch of sprint's new and faster network. it will make it's new 4g network available in san francisco. sprint is playing catch up with verizon and at&t. >>> the massive spending cuts less than two weeks away and how they impact one of san f
Feb 20, 2013 11:30pm PST
. >> it certainly will slow the economy down. this is another bump in the road that we shouldn't have put there ourselves. >> reporter: the president calls the automatic cuts a meat cleaver approach. republican house speaker john boehner said today, you created it, you fix it. a north bay traveler said he is not worried. >> said recently, there is a bird that's able to fly, it has a left wing, it has a right wing, and is somehow still able to fly. so i think it will work. >> reporter: the republicans and democrats fly like that by march 1. in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> nasa has released new images of the asteroid that flew by earth last week. nasa says it's the clearest picture yet. as that asteroid was headed away from earth. the images were taken over the span of about 8 hours. >>> it was warmer today than yesterday by about 5 or 10 degrees. temperatures tonight are going to get pretty chilly. that cold air that brought us snow on bay area peaks continues to filter into the area. it's settling in with light ridgeds tonight. current temperature in santa rosa is 46. 4
Feb 22, 2013 11:30pm PST
will have to deal with an economy deep in crisis. more than 1/3 of young people are unemployed. >>> state senator jerry hill is pushing a new bill for the electrification. the high speed trains would share caltrans's two track system. >>> the fda today approved a new type of drug for advancing breast cancer. south san francisco based genentech developed a drug named casala. it more effectively kills cancer cells. the drug would cost about $10,000 a month. >>> it appears this flu season has taken a real toll on american's productivity. the bureau of labor statistics shows 2 million full time workers called in last month. that is the highest number of sick calls in nearly five years. bls officials say more people typically call in sick during the winter months when illnesses like the flu are more common. >>> oakland marked an aquatic milestone. a 750-foot section of the lake merritt channel was open in 45 years. it's part of a $47 million project to connect lake merritt to the oakland and eventually to the bay. >> it's going to make a central place where people will come. >> reporter: the n
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10